MPH Online Book Search Unofficial API

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Example of call request:

MPH Online Book Search Unofficial API

LCD Keypad Shield by DFRobot

Received my LCD Keypad Shield yesterday.

It’s compatible with Arduino platform. Designed by DFRobot.

I’m still thinking what to build with this magic piece.. :)

LCD Keypad Shield DFRobot

Pos Laju Tracking API

I’ve created an API to track Pos Laju parcel delivery status few months back. Feel free to use in your application. A credit like link back is much appreciated. Thanks :)

Visit here to learn more:


Example in jQuery Ajax:

url: '',
type: 'GET',
dataType: 'jsonp',
error: function(xhr, status, error) {
success: function(json) {
var result = jQuery.parseJSON(json);

Update [20/12/2013] - I’m adding new feature. Parcel Status Notifier. Submit parcel tracking number & your email address, the app will send parcel status update to the email once its location changed. Gonna release it soon. Currently in internal testing.

Pos Laju Tracking API


Android: AutoCompleteTextView sample code

More in details here,

Project #3 – Light Sensor + LED chaser

This is my 3rd project of hardware programming. Light Sensor + LED chaser.

The scenario is,

  1. Turn off the light, LEDs on.
  2. Turn on the light, LEDs off.

Demo video:

PCB schema:


Here is the code:

Project #2 – Temperature sensor + buzzer

This is my 2nd project of hardware programming. Temperature sensor + buzzer.

Example use case is when current temperature exceed 34 Celcius the buzzer will beep two times.

This of course a trivial experiment simple enough to demonstrate how to read data from temperature sensor and how to make sound output.


Demo video:

Real life practical ideas:

  • Fan speed controller
  • Basic fire alarm
  • Cook heat controller

Here is the sample code:

First Arduino Project – LED Blinking

Flashing an LED light is like a ‘hello world’ exercise to hardware programming. Feel like 15 all over again.

PCB schematic picture for future reference (master blueprint):

PCB Schema

Casing design tool:

Hopefully one day I could design a useful product something like this,

TwitBot: Twitter Auto Post Scheduler


TwitBot is an application to auto post your twitter status on a scheduled time and date.

Whether you’re a marketer, salesman, promoter, celebrity, politician, organization or even an individual. This application is perfect for anyone who needs to automatically update twitter status at a preferred time and date.


  • Schedule as many status as needed at any given time & date. Twitbot will take care to future post.
  • Automatically find and reply to the most popular target user that is currently talking about specific subject that you want to pitch/market by using @AutoMention feature.
  • Simple to use & pretty straightforward.

You can schedule as many status as you like at its own specific time and date, TwitBot will do the job for you.

  • Persistent internet connection is required to deliver your status to Twitter. (Turn on always your mobile data network is encouraged)
  • Sometimes status not delivered due to no internet coverage or sudden disconnected. But your status can always be rescheduled. It will not be deleted unless you do so.
  • TwitBot do not store any information of yours and all your saved status are kept locally inside your phone.

TwitBot how it works








Get it on Google Play

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AndEngine – TMXLayer NullPointerException Solution

If you pull out the TMX Tile Map extension of AndEngine from here, you might encounter stacks of errors during game runtime.

I found the solution. Replace code inside the extension lib folder with this, 

It works in my case. My tile map now visible without errors.

Seems like the fix code above haven’t committed yet. You got to do it manually at the moment.

Hope this solution helps.